RamBase auction photoshoot at Skanfil Haugesund 09.03.2019

Seller Relation Management

All sellers have different terms and preferences, all of which must always be maintained and updated. RamBase SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) application allows to maintain all seller related information in one place. Seller dialogues, shipping information, payment terms and lots consigned will be stored and accessible at any time.

Seller registration

The seller card in RamBase contains all contact information, addresses, financial balances, shipping information, commissions, agreements and the seller’s terms and preferences. The system has a direct link to all payment documents that were issued to the seller containing all necessary data about the transaction. The document specifies the lot that has been sold, the amount, dates and fees.

The application has a mirrored supplier for each customer. They will have the same account number and can be handled as one instance. For example, the same seller can be a buyer for the auction house. Once the seller is registered in RamBase, the buyer’s account is created for the same client automatically. At a chosen time, the auction house can select to clear the client’s account. Then the account will be balanced out regarding the amount that he/she has bought for or sold for.


In RamBase each lot gets a unique six-digit number and can be assigned to departments/categories specific to the auction house. Experts place an estimated price and schedule the lot for an auction. Finally, pictures and documents can be assigned to the lot to make sure that it is ready for the preview.

Account balance

The account balance can be inspected from the seller card. It indicates whether the client owes money to the auction house or vice versa. In addition, it specifies the total year to date amount, overdue amount and credit limit, if applicable.

Outlook plug-in

An integrated Microsoft Outlook plug-in is available for easy handling of email messages between the sellers/buyers and the auction house. Emails can be sent directly from RamBase with the attached documents generated from the system. Moreover, external emails can be attached directly on the seller card for easier reference and correspondence with the seller.

Other features:

Buyer Relationship Management

Help you manage buyers registration, commissions and fees, bidding history and account balance.

Auction Activities

RamBase Auction allows you to create auction events, register and classify lots, conduct auctions, register bids and much more.


Helps you to handle all aspects of your finances: general ledger, account payable, account receivable, cash management, budgeting and tax handling.


Be sure you get your logistics right: lot reception, shipping, customs and deviation management.


Cut down on administration time with tools as cloude file storage and management, message and notes, contact management, personnel management, reports generator, custom role-base access and cloud printing handling.