RamBase auction photoshoot at Skanfil Haugesund 09.03.2019

Buyer Relationship Management

Helps you to manage a database of all your customers and allows smooth processing og customer related transactions. All buyers are synchronized with the sellers into the profile, as in many cases they are the same person. This allows to save time in setting customers account balance.

Byer registration

RamBase has a fully equipped CRM where buyers’ accounts can be managed. Everyone who wants to bid on a lot at the auction house needs to be registered as a customer. To register a new customer with RamBase you need a name, address, email, pay term and delivery terms. Unique commission percentage and fees can be assigned to each customer.

When RamBase is integrated with your website, clients can register online and the information they entered will be reflected in RamBase by using RamBase API’s. New customers can be registered even when the auction is live. After registration is completed, customers can be assigned to a unique bidder number for an auction. You may also assign the customer with a fixed bidding number that will be the same for all auctions.

Rambase gives a clear overview of all correspondence with the customer, it also holds information such as bidder number, agent assigned, financial data including payment terms, account balance and common client preferences, such as type of art the client is interested in. It is possible to classify buyers based on their areas of interest, for example, type of collectibles, and information that client prefers to receive prior to the auction.

Rambase auction solution also has a mirrored buyer for each seller. These will have the same account numbers, and it is possible to handle them as one instance for auction settlement.

Commissions and fees

Commissions and fees for the buyer can include packing, administration fee and the auction specific fees such as commissions and handle fees. The latter can be determined for each client individually. Moreover, they can differ depending on categories specified by the auction house, for example, stamps may have a different commission percentage than paintings. After the invoice is issued to the buyer, the fees assigned to the client’s account will be automatically calculated and added to the invoice.

Bidding History

In RamBase the customer’s bidding history is available on the customer card. All won and lost lots are clearly marked, and the amount the customer has paid for the bid can always be easily inspected. Moreover, all lots have a direct link to the winner’s card, bidders, and the specific auctions where the bid was placed indicating the time and the way a bid was placed.

Account balance

The account balance can be inspected from the customer card. It indicates whether the client owes money to the auction house or vice versa. In addition, it specifies the total year-to-date-amount, overdue amount and credit limit, if applicable.

Office plug-in

An integrated Microsoft Outlook plug-in is available for easy handling of email messages between the buyer and the auction house. Emails can be sent directly from RamBase with the attached document generated from the system. Moreover, external emails can be attached directly on the customer card for easier reference and communication with the customer.

Other features:

Seller Relation Management

Allows you to maintain all seller related information in one place. Seller dialogues, shipping information, payment terms and lots consigned will be stored and accessible at any time.

Auction Activities

RamBase Auction allows you to create auction events, register and classify lots, conduct auctions, register bids and much more.


Helps you to handle all aspects of your finances: general ledger, account payable, account receivable, cash management, budgeting and tax handling.


Be sure you get your logistics right: lot reception, shipping, customs and deviation management.


Cut down on administration time with tools as cloude file storage and management, message and notes, contact management, personnel management, reports generator, custom role-base access and cloud printing handling.