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This module allows to have control over an administrative tasks such as digital file storage, contact registration and track of communication with your sellers and buyers, personnel management, reports creation, user access to the system and print output for your documents.

Cloud file storage and management

The cloud file storage system in RamBase makes all attachments available online in one place. It also connects the files to their related documents and applications in the system, ensuring that they are always available for users with granted access.

Message, tasks and notes

RamBase has its own internal messaging system that allows employees to send messages to each other, refer to system-generated documents and applications in the software. This is also tightly incorporated to the CRM module of RamBase.

The Task and Notes applications allow you to manage and track correspondence and tasks related to clients. All communication with sellers and buyers can be stored in the Notes application in RamBase, either by creating notes within the application or by importing the information via the mail integration. This allows you to follow up and improve communication with your customers. Notes can be created and attached to all documents and applications in RamBase. These can include warnings, descriptions or other type of information to the specific customer, document or process. The integration with MS Outlook allows you to easily save emails, attachments and messages within the system.

Contact Management

All your contacts can be registered and stored in RamBase with all necessary information like phone numbers, emails, job titles and ownership of a contact. This information will be stored despite whether the client was registered manually or via your website.

Personnel Management

The personnel management application allows you to keep a register of your employees, assignment of roles in the system, define qualifications and registration of work time. RamBase stores a detailed personnel archive where employees can maintain their own profile. They can add certificates and other proof of qualification information, register emergency contacts, maintain contact information and printer settings.

The registration of working hours allows you to keep track of worked hours by your employees, absence, leave and holidays directly in RamBase. It also contains an approval scheme for worked and absence periods and it can be integrated with your payroll software. The terms for hour registration can be set for each employee’s specific work schedule. RamBase will calculate number of hours worked according to the company’s settings. The schedules contain working hours, overtime, holidays and flexible working hours. Several employees can be linked to the same working hour schedule. Working hours need to be approved by a designated employee before they can be sent to your salary application.

Reports generator

RamBase has an extensive reporting functionality, with a complete report menu where reports can be sorted by the departments or business area. In addition to the large number of reports that are already available in the system, each company can create and schedule their own customized reports. All reports can be extracted as CSV-files and sent directly to your email or to an FTP server. Scheduling functionality allows you to choose specific reports to be generated and sent to you by email in a regular interval (monthly, weekly, etc.) automatically. There is also an option to add your favourite reports to your personal menu in RamBase.

Custom role-based access

In RamBase all users must be assigned to at least one role in order to perform tasks in the system. RamBase provides a set of system-defined roles. If the system-defined roles do not fit your company, it is possible to create custom roles.

To protect RamBase from unauthorized access, the functionality is protected by permissions, e.g. one type of permission is required to view a sales order while another type is required to create a sales order.

Cloud printing handling

All printouts are administered by the Print Connector. The Print Connector is a management application for RamBase superusers to keep an overview and to control all the different print connections for the company. It also provides an easy configuration of printouts, as well as the opportunity for scheduled printing.

Other features:

Seller Relation Management

Allows you to maintain all seller related information in one place. Seller dialogues, shipping information, payment terms and lots consigned will be stored and accessible at any time.

Buyer Relationship Management

Help you manage buyers registration, commissions and fees, bidding history and account balance.

Auction Activities

RamBase Auction allows you to create auction events, register and classify lots, conduct auctions, register bids and much more.


Helps you to handle all aspects of your finances: general ledger, account payable, account receivable, cash management, budgeting and tax handling.


Be sure you get your logistics right: lot reception, shipping, customs and deviation management.