RamBase auction photoshoot at Skanfil Haugesund 09.03.2019


RamBase logistics module allows you to have a full control over your inventory and shipping. It includes, Stock location assignment and inventory history tracking, label printing, shipping documents, deviation management and customs.

Lot reception

The reception application allows the user to record all necessary information about the lot. This includes lot characteristics, departments, lot description, seller information, commission and fee, prices, pictures, documentation and print of labels for the lot. Scanning devices can be used to scan the labels on the lots. All information about the lot is accessible even after the lot is sold.


In the shipping process, lots are sent from the warehouse or showroom to the customer after the auction has ended. This process involves packing, printing documents, and registration of the shipment. As each lot knocks down, a customer order document is automatically created. All orders are then transferred to the shipment application, customers are invoiced by RamBase and won lots can be sent to the customers. RamBase sends emails in order to keep the clients informed about reception, bidding, order confirmation, shipping, invoicing and more.

If you have customers who buys lot on a regular basis, you can use Combined Orders option to allow your clients to save money on freight and administrative costs. This allows you to connect multiple orders for the customer in one shipment and have them listed on one invoice.

RamBase will print documents that specify the content of the shipment as well as the value and measurements of the item. Parcel measurements must be registered in RamBase in order to have it ready for the transportation company and calculation of the shipping costs. If the shipment needs to be tracked, the tracking number of the forwarding agent can be registered in RamBase.


The customs process can be defined as the process where goods are prepared for the export to another country. Export regulations demand certificates, customs declarations and other strict requirements. RamBase supports the export process by simplifying your work. It can issue special reports for custom declarations, it allows measurements for each parcel in the system and makes tracking of the shipment easy.

Deviation Management

Deviation management in RamBase allows you to have a record of deviations such as Lots returned to the auction house. These lots can be either assigned to the new auction, scrapped or returned to the seller. RamBase helps in keeping track of these returns and issue relevant documentation to the seller and buyer.

Other features:

Seller Relation Management

Allows you to maintain all seller related information in one place. Seller dialogues, shipping information, payment terms and lots consigned will be stored and accessible at any time.

Buyer Relationship Management

Help you manage buyers registration, commissions and fees, bidding history and account balance.

Auction Activities

RamBase Auction allows you to create auction events, register and classify lots, conduct auctions, register bids and much more.


Helps you to handle all aspects of your finances: general ledger, account payable, account receivable, cash management, budgeting and tax handling.


Cut down on administration time with tools as cloude file storage and management, message and notes, contact management, personnel management, reports generator, custom role-base access and cloud printing handling.