The questions all auction houses should be asking? 

Not only is the way in which auctioneers conduct auctions fast, complex and mind-boggling, but so is the actual business of auctions; You have valuable artifacts coming and going; People need to pay and people need to be paid; there is little room for error and previously, there has not been a system that can streamline the auction process. 

RamBase Auction Software has helped auction houses conduct business more efficiently in every aspect of auctions. From the first moment of the consignment to the finance and reporting of the auction event. 

With RamBase Auction Software, when an item is delivered for consignment, the owner and item are immediately registered in RamBase with proper descriptions, estimated price, and photos. With all the necessary information added, RamBase then prints a label for the item and an assigns location for the showroom preview. 

All registered items can be seen in the showroom but also in the catalog that is generated and sent to print from RamBase. Item bids can be made online and on the podium during the day of the auction, the auction house is able to follow the bidding in RamBase. 

After the auction has commenced, the highest bids are registered in RamBase. The system then issues the winners with invoices and notifies the sellers of the sale. Now, logistically the item distribution aspect of auctions may seem exhausting; having to ship items to the correct location to various corners of the world. Thankfully, RamBase issues the proper shipping documents for each item to ensure the right item is sent to the right location. 

After the items have been shipped, the auction balance is ready for inspection. RamBase shows the net balance for each client and whether items have been bought, sold or both. A full overview of all financial transactions and the earnings from the auction are visible making the settlement process easier than ever for auction houses. 

RamBase Auction System has allowed auction houses to conduct their business in a more professional and efficient manner, therefore giving their clients a more enjoyable experience, and ensuring that the tradition of auctions can continue into the future.